The Holidays are upon us and Christmas fast approaches. We have given thanks for God’s blessings and provision in our lives and we celebrate in faith that we will continue on this next year in like manner!


As is common this time of year I have become nostalgic and reflect on this journey in missions that God has led me on. Thinking back I can remember a time several years ago that i was really questioning Gods plan for my life.

I was stuck between the situation I found myself in and being so far away from what I felt God wanted me to do with my life.
I felt:
Sacrificing/suffering financially: Check
Having to speak another language: Check
Living in a foriegn land: Check
Living in a semi-hostile environment: Check

Then why am I not living out the dreams and passions that God has given me to reach the world for Jesus??

I had no answers and felt as if I had no one to talk to. So I went to my pastor for advice…


I knew i could trust him because I heard him preach the word of God week in and week out.

As we talked he explained to me that God has 2 plans for my life. He explained the general will of God for my life, which is what the Bible teaches as the will of God for all mankind, and the specific will of God which can look like any number of things, teacher, construction worker, doctor, farmer…

It was timely advice that was soothing to my soul and helped me move forward in the ministry that God hd me in ath the time.

If it weren’t for my pastor I might have totally missed Gods will for me then and wasted an entire season of my life.

Thank God for the gift of pastors.

Thank God fo those who helped them get to where they can minister and help others in need.Clay & Cynthia Powell

Stay tuned…

Next I’ll tell you about 2 very different pastors with the same purpose, heart and calling…

Clay and Cynthia Powell

Serving in Honduras

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