Jesus Loves Me


This is Aren, a friend from Michigan, here with us in Guatemala, helping to build a second floor on one of the houses in our Shack Attack, and Aren is with Marlon, one of the boys we sponsor to go to the Christian school by the Tracks.


We are also building a stairway from the third floor of the Christian school to the fourth floor playground area, and though this picture is confusing, the stairway is going to be a great help for 320 kids to get up to the playground area!


Rebeca, one of the 320, is thrilled to be able to go to the Christian school. Thankfully we have a sponsor for her which makes this possible. Rebeca’s father is in prison and she barely knows who he is, but she is blessed with the house we built for her family and for being able to learn in school about her heavenly father who cares so much for her!

Thanks for helping with our projects of building better homes for families along the Tracks, for building a better school, and for helping us to share the love of Jesus with Clarisa and many others.

David and Damaris

THE FOUNDATION P.O. Box 560233, Orlando, FL 32856-0233

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