When I met Lisbeth along the abandoned railroad tracks in Guatemala she was a six-year-old child that lived in a dirt-floor shack with her family. Her problem? She was deaf, and she didn’t understand, so she threw tantrums to have her way.

Well, we tore down Lisbeth’s dirt-floor shack and built a cement block house with a sturdy roof and a cement floor that her mother could sweep clean, and we found a sponsor to help Lisbeth go to a school for the deaf.

Her life was changed!

Today, several years later, Lisbeth is extremely bright and is finishing the equivalent of ninth grade, and she understand things—especially that she has a Savior and friend in Jesus, and though she can’t hear, she can write and sends me messages on Facebook.

How wonderful is that?

Lisbeth is one of many children in Guatemala that Foundation For Missions supports.

Thanks for helping kids in Guatemala and all over the world to get a Christian education!

David and Damaris Beam


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