Bradley Update

Dear Ministry Partners,

Please forgive us for not sending you an update sooner, these past couple of months have been very busy with the beginning of the school year at the Christian Academy of Guatemala and continued ministry at the Tracks! Here are some highlights:

Thanks to a friend here in Guatemala, Darvy Martin, three families at the Tracks received cribs for their babies! An orphanage nearby did not have a use for the cribs anymore and donated them to these families. What a blessing!


Last month, we met Miriam and her VERY large family. Her family doubled in size pretty much overnight! Miriam’s mother and sister were killed in a violent situation and each of them had 2 young children at home to care for. Miriam and her husband, who have four children of their own, brought the other 4 children to live with them in their 2 room house. We were able to help with some clothing for the family through donations that we had, but this family will need more help in the coming year. If you are interested in donating especially to this family so that we may provide them with more clothing, food, and other necessities, please donate through the Foundation website and mark your donation Bradleys-Miriam’s family. One thing we would like to receive funds for is bunk beds, as some of the children are sleeping on the concrete floor. If you need help or have questions, please reply to this email.


We asked you to pray for Jessi, Shawn’s secretary, as she had some life threatening complications after a gall bladder surgery. We are pleased to report that she is healthy and back to blessing us all with her beautiful smile at CAG! Thank you for your continued prayers for Jessi as her body continues to heal.


A couple of weeks ago, Elena, who works at our house, introduced us to some of her neighbors who are in a pretty desperate situation. Her neighbor, who was pregnant, had a stroke and ended up spending the last few weeks of her pregnancy in the hospital in a coma. Miraculously, her beautiful baby girl was born completely healthy! Mom is now awake, but has no use of her right side. This makes it difficult to take care of a newborn, so her mother moved in to help care for her and the baby. Unfortunately, the baby’s father is not involved at all. So these two ladies are living in one rented room and neither can work at the moment. The mother is paralyzed on her right side, and grandma cares for her AND the newborn. We were able to visit with some clothes, blankets, and formula last week. We prayed with them for God’s provision and for healing. We did not take any pictures as it was our first meeting. Will you please pray that as we continue to visit with this family, that we would create a bond that allows us to show them the love of Jesus? Please pray that God would use Elena, who is a believer from a desperate situation herself, to speak truth into their lives. We look forward to sharing more about this family in future updates!

Prayer Requests

  • This weekend, the CAG students will be participating in Servant Days. They will go out into the community and serve others. Please pray for Shawn and I as we lead the sophomores (Emma’s class) and pray for Meghan as her class will travel far away to minister to a community near the coast.
  • School will be ending in October for the Guatemalan kids. Please pray for them as the school year comes to a close and they will be taking exams and participating in graduation ceremonies.
  • Please keep Meghan in your prayers as she is applying to colleges and praying about her plans for the future after graduation in May 2017.
  • Our friends, the Doveys, will be participating in a Kairos weekend where they will be ministering to prisoners in Alabama. Several of us here in Guatemala will be praying that God touches and heals hearts this weekend. Will you join us?

Thank you for your love, care, and prayers for our family. We are greatly blessed by your partnership!

Shawn and Lisa Bradley
Missionaries with The Foundation for Missions

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