I’d say this is a confusing picture, but the whole area along the Tracks is a confusing mixture of tin and cement and wood, yet for Buky, on the right, this is an amazing dream-come-true—his very own house along the Tracks, putting on the roof and finishing touches, and a place for him and his wife Dora and two little children to call their own.

This is house number 44 with our Shack Attack, and six more to go to reach the number of 50 that I felt the Lord speaking into my heart 13 years ago.

A physical facelift along the Tracks, and at the same time a Spiritual facelift.

The kids are cleaner, the houses are nicer, each home has electric and water, and most of the people in the section we work in are Christians. The new clinic at the school has been a blessing to help with sicknesses, and the large playground area on the top floor of the school has been a massive blessing to let the kids have an area to run and release their pent-up energies.

When I first walked onto this section of the Tracks, there were no cement block houses, only small, dirt-floor shacks. Now, today, 13 years later, Yaretzy and her family and many others live in better homes, and Yaretzy is learning about the Lord in the Christian school. That’s the wonderful facelift that the Lord has done in this area.

Glad that you can be part of it!

David and Damaris

P.O. Box 560233, Orlando, FL 32856-0233

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