Door of Hell

August 7, 2017      

“Door of Hell”…..

About 3 weeks ago we drove up to the “Door of Hell” and took a look inside. That is the name the Mayans gave to the vent of the Masaya Volcano. They believed a god lived in the volcano. In order to appease this god so he would not throw fire and rocks into the air, they periodically would sacrifice a virgin or child into the fire pit. What a dark time in Nicaragua’s history! While this was a sight seeing trip, it reminded us of the darkness that was prevalent all those years ago.

Sunday we went to visit a pastor who is launching a new work. His outreach is in Jocote Dulce, a small village on the outskirts of Managua. He sat in the shade of a Jocote tree and shared his vision and the reason he is working there. He related that the people of this area pick coffee to make a living. They rise at 3AM and parents and children alike go to pick coffee on the finca. Only a portion of these kids will ever see the inside of a classroom. The neighborhood is plagued with the darkness of this generation—promiscuity, homosexuality, drugs and alcohol. His vision is to reach out to the children. The only day off for these workers is Sunday. A bus comes back to their village once a week on Sunday at 5AM and returns at lunchtime. So this is the time to go to market. So Pastor Antonio has a meeting for the children in the afternoon. They are taught the “good news.” They play games and get a treat.

All activities are aimed at reaching them and swaying them to the “light.” Parents then meet afterwards for their service. He is also working in a village 8Km further in called El Panorama. He is sitting under a tree, teaching under that tree in a light rain but he says the kids of El Panorama are “really poor.” His face glows from within as he describes his vision for the upcoming generation. Please pray with us for him and his workers as they seek to serve the Lord. Also pray as we seek ways to help in this endeavor.

In His Service In Nicaragua,

Jim and Nancy




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