Teachers Training in Chapintza-

In September, as we were walking out of the jungle from the weekend daily conference, I was talking to one of the brothers from a neighboring church, and he asked for assistance with their Sunday School. They had 90 children, and only one teacher to teach all 90 children! Since then, the one teacher that they did have left the church, and so no one was ministering to the children at all.

At the beginning of November we packed a bag with clothes, and another bag full of materials for teachers and children, and at 7:00 took the three and a half hour bus ride into the jungle to the Shuar community Chapintza. The community is a big one, and the church has around 50 members, but they estimate that less than half of the people know God, and expressed a huge concern to evangelize and spread the gospel, and to also reach the children.

However, they don’t have any Sunday school teachers!! How do you teach children about God’s love for them, how do you teach them that their is a friend that cares in every moment of every day, and how can you break the vicious cycles of drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, and youth living in sin when there is no one to physically show them Gods love? We answered the call to help them train some people that felt Gods call to work with the children, and two brothers and two sisters who desire to work in this ministry with the children attended the workshop and training session. It was a great time!


Thursday morning, right after we arrived, we taught on the importance of working with children, and the role of the church in children ministry. After lunch, we got to the practical side of working with children, how to organize classes, and how to organize the classrooms. And in the afternoon, we talked about the material we use, and practiced using the materials and songs. We were able to leave one Sunday School Material pack, as well as other supplies.

We stayed the night, as there were no buses, and on Friday held a class for the children before we left, where the teachers were able to put into practice what they had learned. It was great to see them working with the children, and their desire to serve them! There were over 50 children that came to that impromptu class!! The church now has a large responsibility to continue the task of teaching the children, and reaching others in their village and the surrounding ones. We are praying for the Lord’s provision so as to be able to go back in December with enough material for each of the four classrooms, as well as to be able to assist them with a special christmas program.

It is very easy to reach Ecuadors children with Gods’ love! You can partner with us through your prayers and financially. Without your support and prayers, the children that are touched every day with our ministry may never grow up to change the spiritual, social and morale future of Ecuador. We are also looking for partners who will join with us for specific projects, such as food for the many children that come to the clubs, a vehicle so as to be able to travel quicker and safer to the different areas in which we minister, and materials for the different clubs and Sunday Schools that we support.

A huge opportunity right now are the Sunday School kits. These kits include the material for six months teaching in one Sunday School class, complete with a students book, teachers guide, and large and colorful visual aids to make the story more up close and personal for each child. Also included is blank paper to make copies, crayons, stickers and other office supplies for the students and teachers. We have at least a dozen classes in different churches that need some material right now. When we provide the material, we make sure that the teachers have training on how to use it, as well as establishing a ministry relationship with the church in that village. Each kit costs us $30 to put together, and serve one classroom of 15-30 children for 6 months of lessons.

Mark and Cinthia Blosser

Serving in Ecuador

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