Sowing Seeds

January 20, 2018    

Sowing Seeds

We believe in sowing seeds in God’s Kingdom. We know that when we sow, someone else may water and then another harvests. We are aware that a small seed grows into a large tree. Knowing all of this, we were still surprised when Pastor Antonio called us to come and see what had happened while we were in the states.

Before we left for the US, we planted a seed into his ministry. It was just $200. We told him to use it however he felt best. This was given to him at the end of September. He bought 32 bags of cement with that money and God blessed this small congregation. They were able to buy a small piece of land paying for it, a little at a time. One neighbor donated 10 sheets of metal roofing material and now in mid-January look what the Lord has done. And this is just the beginning for this man of vision.

To God Be The Glory!


In His Service in Nicaragua,

Jim & Nancy




Thank you for your partnership!

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