Are We Making any Headway?

Nicaragua – March 1, 2018

We have been diligently working making contacts and researching possible projects for future teams. Teams are much fewer and farther between than in the old days. We haven’t had a team since 2015. So it’s easy to say to yourself, “Is this worth it? Am I accomplishing anything?”

As you know we have been teaching classes in English. After 2 classes we wondered if our time in the kindergarten class (pre-school) was well spent. They have had no previous experience of having to sit still, be quiet, and pay attention. Add to that an attention span of maybe 5 minutes and you can see our challenge.

Tuesday we arrived at school early and as we waited a small boy entered the office, walked up to Jim and said in perfect English “good morning, teacher” while extending his hand to shake hands. Turns out he is a kindergartener who has had no previous exposure to English. The school director was shocked. He could name the colors and count to ten as well. He said Jim’s hair was white! He did all of this after less than an hour of instruction. Wow! Maybe someone is listening after all.

Thank you, Lord!

In His Service in Nicaragua,

Jim & Nancy

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