Great Commission-Eastern Russia

Finding your Part in the Great Commission

While living in this life and providing for the necessities is important, many of us have been lured into investing too much into this temporary world that is going to burn up. We have to start focusing on investments that will benefit us personally hundreds of years from now.

I would like to bring to your attention the need for support in the largest district in the largest country on the earth – Russia. Russia has eight federal districts with the Far Eastern district being the largest in land mass at a size of 2,382,000 square miles. The last census in 2010 showed that there are at least 6,293,129 people in this part of the world. The two largest cities, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok have a combined population of 1,169,475 or roughly 19% of the district’s population. So the other 81% of the population, over 5.1 million people, are scattered throughout the 2,382,000 square miles. There are very few churches and resources for the growth of the Kingdom in this district. Far East Russia is a formidable challenge to spreading the Gospel, but with the Lord’s decree that the Gospel will go out to the whole world even this district will eventually be reached for the Gospel. In the past the main focus was to send full time missionaries to a spiritually needy part of the world. Today, it is more efficient to train up pastors and workers within the country who best know the language, the culture and the people. But the needs are too great for them to raise the funds and resources to get the work done in a timely manner. So the Lord looks at us in the developed countries and asks, “Who will be a part of this effort?”


The ministries and missions that a Christian supports is a deeply personal decision made by the individual under the promptings of the Lord. Yes, there are many other fine and worthy ministries and missions to support. Yet if every Christian would become involved with praying for and focusing in on a mission that the Lord directs them to, then I know the Lord will put on the hearts of enough people to accomplish the world-wide directive of spreading the Gospel – including this work in Far East Russia.

Will you please pray and become involved with the mission or ministry that the Lord directs you to? And if you have teaching and preaching capabilities then would you consider going and working in one of God harvest fields? Even if it is short term, you can make an eternal difference by training and investing in the indigenous pastors in a foreign country. Every investment of time and money, no matter how small, will earn eternal dividends.

Luke 10:2 He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” The workers are not just those who go, but those who stay, give and support.

Graduating Bible School Class of 2017 (in Khabarovsk) with Edward Ananyev (front, center left).

Edward Ananyev is the Director of Foundation for Missions-Russia. Read more here: Foundation for Missions-Russia

Class Study Time

If you sense the Lord directing you to this work in Far East Russia, or to some other part of the world, and would like more information on how you can help in supporting the advancement of the Great Commission, then please contact Foundation for Missions to explore how you can invest into eternity for eternal rewards.

You can also visit their website:

The window of opportunity to make an impact for eternity is growing shorter as we sense the coming of the Lord for His saints. May the Lord give you the heart and vision to do great things for God.

Robert Hill


Foundation for Missions USA

(Robert Hill had the opportunity to visit Khabarovsk in E. Russia and teach the Class of 2017 at the Bible School)

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