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What do you do while you wait out a traffic light? Probably just tap the wheel impatiently and wait. The red light seems to last forever.

Here in Nicaragua the experience is so different. You can get your windshield cleaned, buy new wipers or a steering wheel cover while you wait. You can buy fresh fruit, nuts, homemade candy, a cup of coffee (a guy with a Starbuck’s dispenser on his back) or water in a plastic bag. (You chew a hole in the end of the bag to get access to your water.) You can buy cleaning rags, a charger for your phone, sunglasses or a lottery ticket. You can support the local handicapped and widows all while watching a child juggle oranges in the daylight or small lit torches at night. The red light never lasts long enough to take it all in.

Plan a trip to Nicaragua!

See for yourself how different a stop light experience can be.

But more importantly, see what God can do when you step out of your comfort zone. 

Jim and Nancy Hartsock

Serving in Nicaragua

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