“Filling in the Blanks Ministry” – Greetings: August 2019

Greetings from Guatemala!

We are nearing the end of the rainy season – here, it rains a lot for six months followed by six months of no rain at all. Certainly, a big change from what we were used to in Michigan!

For those who may have wondered, we called our ministry Filling in the Blanks Ministry because we are here to fill in ‘the missing parts’ that are so necessary.

The Mechanic Ministry
Our main ministry focus is as a support ministry for other ministries and missionaries here in Guatemala. Lawrence is especially gifted and experienced in this area and is responsible for the mechanic work and is getting to be known as “Mr. Fix Anything”.
Missionaries tell us how thankful they are that we are here to help. The roads are not in good condition and combined with the winding ups and downs through the mountainous terrain takes a heavy toll on cars and trucks.

Vehicle parts are not always easy to find, and most ‘mechanics’ have no formal training. It’s commonly said that most repairs here are done with “duct tape, string, and caulking”. The term in Spanish is campus – taken to mean a quick and dirty, temporary-for-the-moment type of fix.

Many mission vehicles include van and buses which transport children, families, and supplies to rural villages. As you can imagine, driving on those mountainous uneven roads requires vehicles that can be driven safely and securely.

However, missionaries and missions don’t have too many options to get repairs done right, especially outside the capital, Guatemala City.

That’s why more and more missionaries are relying on Lawrence to help them with safe and reliable repairs.

And Lawrence doesn’t just fix vehicles – he’s made it a point to help others by doing work on air conditioners, pumps, and motors of all kinds – a very real blessing to so many.

Jo has two important areas she’s working in:
Christian School Administration
Child Sponsorship Program
Christian School Administration – Jo
The Christina Academy of Guatemala, where we send our daughter Jenna is only a few blocks from where we live. They were in need of help in administration and asked if Jo would help on a volunteer basis.

This is only a part-time commitment, but they are very blessed to have the advantage of Jo’s experience in this.

Child Sponsorship Program – Jo
This is sort of a side project, developed out of discovering such a severe need. In Guatemala, school tuition can be free unless the child is going to a Semi-private or Private school for a better education. Additionally, school supplies, shoes, and clean clothes are required and are not provided.

Unfortunately, most poverty-stricken families have no way of affording these basic items. Some very poor families will scrape enough money together to send one child in the family to school each year, while the other children jealously watch or perhaps are made to work to support the family.

We only have five children in this program for now, but the need is very great. So we’d like to sponsor additional children when the new school year starts in January 2020.

The cost to sponsor a child is $480 per school year and we’d really appreciate donations to help us help these precious children, to help them break the cycle of poverty.

We welcomed a New Member to our Family

It was totally God, and we are thankful to be able to be obedient to His will and help a young lady in need. So, meet Lupita (Lupe), below.

Lupita had been living in a children’s home as protection since 2011, but when she reached 18, she was required to leave. (That’s a regulation in most orphanages here) We had developed a relationship with her over the last year and we could see that she has great potential.

She has another year of high school to complete and we will use that time to help her to transition to life ‘outside’ and help her learn how to make adult decisions.

Lupita is a welcome addition and we ask that you join us in praying for her and us during this time. It’s a new adventure for her as well as for us.

Finances for the Vision and Mission
We have a God-given vision for this mission and are so thankful for the love, prayers, and support from so many of you. We really appreciate you.

As we make plans and set goals, we need to share with you that we are short on funding. It is more expensive to live here than one might imagine, even though we are as thrifty much as possible. Gasoline, for example, is more than $3.15 per gallon. We have to pay for our own medical insurance and there are costs associated with visas and we also tithe faithfully as we believe is the right thing to do.

So, may we share with you something a bit personal?

We’ll just come right out and say it: Our mission is short of funds to the amount of 50% per month. That is, our total monthly budget is $4,000 and well, we are short by $2,000 each month.

That’s not a huge amount, considering that we know God wants us to continue this mission work, and, that more than 400 people will receive this newsletter update.

If only 55 people would commit to $50 per month, we’d more than meet our shortfall. Can you please help with $50 per month?

Your help — in any amount — whether a monthly recurring donation or a one-time contribution would be a blessing — a true blessing not only to us and our family but to the many others in Guatemala we are honored to bless on a daily basis.

We know God wanted us to move here, to start this ministry and that His Plan is for us to continue to help and bless others.

But quite frankly, we need your financial assistance to continue.

Thank you so much for your love, support and prayers – we appreciate you.

Blessings to you in all you do,
Lawrence and Jo Adams

You can reach us/follow us:
Email: adamsguatemala@gmail.com
Telephone: Our USA number rings here in Guatemala: (989) 486-4165
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FillingintheBlanksMinistry

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