Ministry in the Jungle

We are so thankful to God for his wondrous care and blessings all the time, and especially over these last several months. God is always faithful, and he is doing great and marvelous things here in Ecuador, in the lives of the children, youth, pastors and churches that we work with!

We are also so thankful to each and every one of you, who take the time to read our emails, pray for us, send a quick note just to see how were doing, and for those who partner with us financially. You all are a great part of what we do!

Traveling down these roads, by foot, motorcycle or bus, or when I am walking the muddy trails, or crossing turbulent rivers on treacherous logs, I often consider the greatness of our God in the mighty creation that he has made; and am awed at how such a big God cares for each of us!

It is such an amazing blessing to be able to be a part of sharing Gods word with those who need it! There is an openness, a hunger in these people to know more about God! And so many villages who desire more of the Word of Christ.

So many are bound by the devil under religion, under demon-ism and shaman-ism, under lies and oppression…and they desire the truth that is Gods’ word, and the freedom that his Son brings!

Many of these places are waiting, hoping that someone will come and show them, teach them before it is too late.

Maybe you can’t go, but you can partner and send. It doesn’t matter the difficulty, or the hardships, as Paul says, “the love of Christ constrains us” to go and reach them.

Some places even we can’t go. Maybe because it is so remote, or because of the culture, or just because there is not enough time to go to all places…But that is where our ministry of teaching and training comes in!

Over these last couple of months we have made a number of trips with some of the pastors/students accompanying us, and on others we have been able to send them out!

God is raising up a team of people here in Ecuador to do his work! And He is opening up many doors for ministry, and raising up people to come alongside and keep the work going! In the last few months before the pandemic crisis, we have made over a dozen trips into different communities and villages, many of them villages were seminary students live and pastor.

On some of these we have gotten a group of students together, and have used these experiences to bond, to teach them, and to see where some of their talents and gifts are. Out of this, we have started to send/support some of them on evangelistic trips to other villages and communities, that have been asking for someone to come and share the gospel with them!

Please continue to keep us, our family and our ministry in your prayers! So many needs, but we serve a big God!

Please keep the kids clubs and the 400-500 children they reach in our prayers!
Please keep the seminary students and pastors that we work with in your prayers, many of them have been going through different things, from financial to spiritual to personal attacks against them and their families.
There are several seminary students doing evangelistic trips into new communities, and a number of communities that are asking for someone to come and share with them. Please keep them in your prayers, that God would provide the means and open doors for them

Can you partner with us? We have several specific needs, which maybe you, your church, or someone you know would be able to help us with!! It could be monthly, or maybe a one time donation; but it is all needed and used to reach these lives with the gospel!

Our Sunday school and kids clubs supplies are getting low. With this many children in almost 20 different locations, materials are always a need! We go through a lot of things like crayons, pencils and pens, bibles, craft supplies, etc. This is a way you can directly impact a large number of kids who gather each week to learn more about God, and to learn of a better way to live their lives!

Funding is needed for the evangelistic and pastoral care trips. Whether its bringing in bibles, tracts and food, gas for the motorcycles and boats, or fares for the hours long bus ride before the hike, this is a way you can impact new villages and communities who are being reached with the gospel!

Whatever God lays on your heart to give, is a blessing! We all have a part to fulfill the great commission, and in this way, you are a direct part of what God is doing here in Ecuador! Even $25 a month is enough to provide food and materials fro several of the clubs, or help us and a pastor get to another village with the Good News!

Many love and blessings!

The Blossers

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