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As many of you know, we came home early at the end of March due to a medical problem. Our original flight was at the end of May. As it turned out, we came out of Nicaragua on the last flight out. Because we had come from a foreign country, we had to quarantine for 2 weeks. So, by the time the doctor was willing to see Jim, the medical emergency had taken care of itself. Of course, we cannot go back to Nicaragua now. There are not flights into the country now due to the Covid. Even though we find it hard to be here when the need is so great there, we have been able to send funds to buy food to one of the pastor’s we work with in Jocote Dulce. The people there are especially poor. If they don’t work, they don’t eat. So even though Covid is rampant and their government is in denial and not helping in any way, this pastor is trying to help his people and others in the village.

God provided some funds to our mission organization and we were able to send $500 to him to buy provisions. The pastor was elated and sent us photos of smiling families accepting bags of food and packages of toilet paper. His daughter told us of one family, the Morales’, who had stopped working after Covid took 10 of their family members hoping to save what was left of the family. The suffering there is unprecedented. Tonight, when you bow your head to thank the Lord for your dinner, say a quick prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nicaragua.

We are praying for you all and thank you for keeping us in your prayers.  

In His Service in Nicaragua,

Jim & Nancy Hartsock

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