Thad and Sara Tucker

Serving in Southern Africa

Using Farming as a Ministry Tool:

Thad and Sara, long time Alaskans, along with their daughter almost eleven year old Elianna are now serving as missionaries in Southern Africa. They moved to South Africa and the small village of Genadendal in May 2018.

They are in their first training year under the tutelage of Theuns and Karin Engelbrecht (Directors of Foundation for Missions-Southern Africa). This family is passionate about practicaly teaching God’s Word. Through the Roots for Life and Foundations for Farming methods they are working to establish and train disciples. This is ministry is focused on helping rural communities and individuals learn to implement small scale farming and gardening techniques. In the future they hope to be able to take the skills and techniques to more remote areas of Southern Africa.

Thad and Sara also have been serving the people of the community. Sara helps teach in the special needs primary class where academically challenged kids learn life skills and are taught through creative expression to value themselves. She also is a volunteer teaching English reading skills with the Help2Read program.

When they learned that a neighbour’s house was blown down in a wind storm Thad felt impressed to help. He has started building her a new home. The small home construction is currently being funded out of their personal budget.

Over all they are trying to utilise the skills they have learned from farm backgrounds and living in rural Alaska to help improve the lives of rural African communities and teach them to faithfully serve God.

Please prayerfully support for this family as they follow God’s call on their lives to reach out to the hurting.


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