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Sowing Seeds

January 20, 2018     Sowing Seeds We believe in sowing seeds in God’s Kingdom. We know that when we sow, someone else may water and then another harvests. We are aware that a small seed grows into a large tree. Knowing all of this, we were still surprised when Pastor Antonio called us to come and […]

What a refreshing sight!

Coming from a country where people live in the lap of luxury and choose to disrespect our country and what she stands for, it is heart-warming to see the pride and patriotism exhibited by the students at the Christian school in Buenos Aires. In a place where the students must sell fruits and vegetables after […]

Door of Hell

August 7, 2017       “Door of Hell”….. About 3 weeks ago we drove up to the “Door of Hell” and took a look inside. That is the name the Mayans gave to the vent of the Masaya Volcano. They believed a god lived in the volcano. In order to appease this god so he would not […]

Difficult but Necessary !

One of the hardest parts of opening a new field of ministry is doing the necessary groundwork and being patient regarding the timing. I guess because we are older and know how fast our time is passing, it is hard to do the networking and exploring that precedes all successful ministries. Of course God can […]

Getting To Know Our New Country!

June 16, 2017 Getting to know our new country…… Things I probably once knew about living in a third world country but forgot… You don’t plan your meals then go shopping for what you need. You go shopping, see what’s available, and then figure out what you can make with it. If you have an […]