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More Days in the African Bush!

Tuckers-July 2020 We made two trips to Magopa in July. The first trip we took food and clothes as well as blankets. As usual we traded with locals for crafts and they were very grateful.  They had not received much in Covid relief and many were in great need. We hadn’t planned to do much for service or visiting with the leaders but […]

Flights and Fun

Tuckers-June 2020  June has flown by and we have had a few crazy moments and some nice bush trips.  We open the month with an opportunity to fly home! It was only a few days notice to take an expatriate flight to the UK where we then had to arrange the rest of the flight to the […]

May Tucker Times 2020

What is as Necessary as Food and Water? Well this month has been relatively calm for us here in Maun. We are still in Lockdown but things are just beginning to open up and restrictions are set to be removed by the end of the month.  We have had three major focuses this month. Please read more here: Tucker Times 2020 […]

April Tucker Times – New life

Where are we headed? Our second Easter in South Africa was very calm. We had Church in our home with our small fellowship.Two of whom are in the picture above. Leah and Cedric are also finishing our discipleship class. As we reflected on the Resurrection of our Lord it was an excellent month to reflect on our first […]

Adapting to Culture-Tuckers In Africa

Tucker Times Jan 2019 January has been busier and we had some interesting events, like the snake handling course pictured above. I have to admit I was glad I only signed Thad up to actually handle the snakes! They made me nervous! He used the hooks and tongs to pick up three highly venomous and one large non-venomus, […]