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I have worked hard all my life. I am a military retiree. I worked for a government contractor. I worked for a test publisher. I taught in the classroom and also worked at several other jobs. I put in many extra unpaid hours throughout my working life. I served as a foreign missionary for six […]

Star’s Update from Texas

Dear Ministry Partners, It’s obviously been awhile since I’ve written. As the saying goes, “Life happens.” Since I have spoken with many of you in person, I’ll just summarize here. My first year back in the U.S. was filled with tears and laughter, work and play times. After spending a few weeks in North Dakota […]

Star’s April-July 2017 Update from Honduras

Dear Ministry Partners, I know it’s true, but I find it difficult to believe that our final trimester is now over! I will really miss my students and the other people I’ve meet in Honduras. Many of our trimesters were fairly routine, but there were also some truly wonderful moments, both in and out of […]