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Foundation For Missions is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit interdenominational development missionary organization created to leverage people and resources and bring together churches, charities, relief agencies and communities to focus on making micro and macro effects in developing countries.

Our purpose is to strategically place people and resources for the work of God that will continue the mandate given to Saint Peter.

Foundation For Missions is firstly committed to working with innovative and cooperative partnerships that are focused on the task of reaching out with the message of Christ.

On a micro level, we operate as a catalyst to bring mission teams, churches, clubs, fellowship groups, schools and individuals to work together with communities in developing countries who are in desperate need of the love and message of Christ.

We hope you will join us in our endeavors.

  • Our Current Projects

    We want to effect change for the Kingdom of God. Read more about some things He is doing through The Foundation.

  • Short-Term Missions Trips

    One of our overarching goals is to make it possible for every believer to experience the joy and power of serving in the mission field.

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