Sower’s Prayer Letter

Dear Friends:

The end of a year is a good time for retrospection. We’re looking back on fifteen years of serving God in Honduras . . . and it has been such a wonderful, fulfilling, stretching, occasionally terrifying, but always blessed experience. Some of you reading this have partnered with us throughout this whole adventure, and others came on board somewhere along the way – but you are all so appreciated by us, and by the Hondurans with whom we work!

Of course, New Years is also traditionally a time of looking forward, with resolutions and goal setting for the future. Our ministry has been energized recently, as Russell and Iris continue to expand their leadership, and Clay and Cynthia Powell have added their enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the mix!

Here are some exciting things which we are looking forward to, in the new year:



Sustainable Ministry Project:

In 2016 we anticipate harvesting a miniature crop, and planting additional acreage. We have 22 acres planted now, and we’ll plant more acres – however much we have funds for – next year during the planting season. Over the next month, we’ll be planning for just how many acres we can commit to planting. We pray that this project will produce funds for this ministry for years into the future!



Pastor training

Pastor Training School:

For a number of years we ran a monthly pastor training school, until we’d mostly caught up with the need for training of pastors in our part of Honduras. This year we are starting up again. Clay, with his degree in theology, will be taking responsibility for the curriculum and teaching at the school. Please pray with us that God would direct our steps, and those of the pastors, as we move forward with this project.

Completed bridge

Bridge-in-a-Week Team:

In the summer of 2014, we helped an orphanage build the pedestrian bridge in the photo above. In January of 2016, we are hosting a Build-a-Bridge-in-a-Week team, to build a similar bridge between two communities an hour and a half away from Gracias. It should be an exciting week! If you’re interested in the possibility of being a part of this project (or, if you’re interested in being on a different kind of team) contact us for more information – we’d love to have you!


Sponsorship program:

One very new project is the initiation of Manna 4 Lempira, our first ever sponsorship program. Our program is basically doing the same things the big name groups do, but because we don’t have the huge advertising and salary expenses, we can do it for $15 per month! More information on this project is available here:



Transportation Problems:

All of our elderly vehicles (they are almost 20 years old) are having troubles. It has gotten to the point where they are costing too much, in terms of money, down-time, and potential safety issues. We are hoping to replace them with two newer Toyota pick-up trucks . . . once we have the money for the purchases. For more info, and how you can help, click here: (You might think this information doesn’t fit in a list of “exciting things which we are looking forward to” . . . but it is always exciting to see how God meets our needs!) Please pray that newer vehicles are in our near future!

As always, we have more to share than we think we should cram into one letter . . . but you know we also have feeding centers, church construction, motorcycles and horses (for pastors), and some exciting progress on the house we are building on our property. Watch the blog ( and the FB page (Facebook Page) for regular updates on the events of the ministry.

Your partnership in this ministry is blessing the pastors of western Honduras, their families and their congregations. We are so grateful for your help! We wish you a wonderful celebration of the birth of our Savior, and a 2016 full of God’s best for you and your family.

In His Service,
Allen, Trish, and Ben Sowers

To Donate by Mail, send checks to:

The Foundation
PO Box 560233
Orlando, Florida 32856-0233

– Make check payable to “The Foundation” –
– Be sure to write “preferenced for Sowers Ministry” on an enclosed paper –

To Donate Online:

Click on THIS LINK to donate online using credit card, debit card, or automatic monthly donations from your bank account.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that you choose “Missionary Support” from the drop down menu, and type in “Sowers Ministry” in the box requesting “additional specifics on how to use the gift.” Failure to do this will mean that the bookkeeper will not know to put your donation into our account!

Thank you for your donation!

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