Wonderful Story

Cindy & Eunice

These girls, Cindy and Eunice, are thrilled that we care enough to build a better house for them. The leaky tin roof is being replaced by a poured cement roof with rebar to hold it together and keep it earthquake proof, and on top of that we are going to build bedrooms and a bathroom. They will have ventilation instead of the hot cave-like dwelling they have been sleeping in.

Sonia & Bilma

These women are identical twins; Sonia and Bilma. We have built a better house for each of them along the Tracks. Bilma, on the left was glad that our friend Becky Janssen came from Orlando to visit. Becky and her family support her daughter Gaby (wearing the white shirt) and help her go to the Christian school. One thing I can say about Bilma—she sure keeps her house tidy and neat. I always tell her that she’s got the cleanest house along the Tracks.


Dora is wearing a Dora shirt given of course by her sponsor Barb Cummins. Barb’s husband Larry, who passed away a couple years ago and is smiling down at us from heaven, sold his Harley motorcycle to be able to build a better house for Dora. It’s a wonderful story, and that’s how it is with the love of the sponsors for the Guatemala children.

Thanks for loving the kids and helping them to have a better life!

David and Damaris Beam

Missionaries in Guatemala

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