Nicaragua on our Hearts

February 13, 2017

Heading back to the Field:

It’s kind of hard to know where to start after several years of challenging health issues. Prostate cancer, hip replacement, heart cath with stents and current treatments with now almost a year of clear bladder cancer have created questionable direction for us. Nancy is retiring soon after a successful career in the health profession. What’s next? The difficulty of changing direction several years ago from missions back into the secular world brought so many adjustments. Now we are at the point in life where we must change again. We were never released from the call of missions on our lives as we have continued to be involved taking trips when possible, serving on the missions committee at church and most recently teaching English as a second language to Spanish speakers. God has continued to deal with the call on our lives to the point where now we have a chance to work “full time” for Him again.

Past experience has shown us that most Guatemalans, Hondurans & Nicaraguans want to be able to use the English language. This is especially a desire for their children. We have seen that there is also a need in a lot of small churches in Central America for Sunday school for their children as well. So why couldn’t we put both of these things together to make something “work together for good to them that know the Lord.” We want to use teaching English as a means to start some SS type teaching in these church settings. God directed us to get certified to teach some Basic English. This is our desire to try to help establish a work in Nicaragua. We want to use the opportunity of teaching English to share the gospel.

This is where we want to go. We are going to need God’s help!

We are going to start by asking you to partner with us. There are three ways you can do this – any or all ways are important to us and what we are hoping to accomplish.

  • We need prayer partners to hold us up.
  • We also need financial support as God leads.
  • Finally we need partners to come to Nicaragua to stand with us to do what He has put before us.

We want to continue to do God’s will for our lives, but it will take both prayer support and financial support to accomplish. We are asking you to consider partnering with us. God knows what it will take but we wanted to share the need with you- our friends, family & co-workers.

Blessings to you.

Jim & Nancy Hartsock

Foundation For Missions/Nicaragua

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