Leaving on a Jet Plane

 And so it begins……..

April 19, 2017

I think that everyone knows when you step out to do something for God; there are two things that happen. You are excited about what lies ahead but there are always those things that come against you. We certainly don’t want to dwell on the second part of this but it does bear at least a small discussion.

We had been looking forward to Nancy’s retirement for several months and finally the last day of February, she left the Cherokee County (NC) Health Department. These milestones in life always are a bittersweet time. Three days later we were off to Guatemala for a Mission Retreat with Foundation for Missions, a time of encouragement and refreshment. We spent 3 days in Antiqua, Guatemala with other missionaries and friends talking about what was happening, enjoying one another’s company and discussing what we all hoped was to come.

Since we were in Central America, it was a good time for us to go on to Nicaragua to work on our residency and look for a place to live. We had anticipated that with her retirement, our freedom to travel to visit our kids and the thought that we could begin our new work in Managua soon –maybe the week after Easter would transpire. We traveled to Nicaragua directly from Guatemala and had about 4 days to try to get some things accomplished. We saw our lawyer and cleared a couple of things for our residency. We looked around to see where we could buy sheets, pots & pans, maybe a recliner or two and just some other household necessities. We also had contacted a couple of realtors and so were able to look at some houses as well. We did get a lot done in short period of time—even finding and renting a house the last day we were there. We came back with high expectations of what was to come soon.

Now, we got the calendar out and started to plan. I’d had a cystoscope the end of February and it was clear (Praise God!) so now I would have 3 maintenance treatments before we moved. It was scheduled, so we planned trips around my appointments. Now the part 2; issues with my treatments have delayed us. As I type this we should have been in Managua trying to get the house livable. With God all things are possible and so tomorrow I WILL have my second treatment with the third next week. Our belief is that we will move to Nicaragua on the 1st or 2nd of May.

Ok, so we need something from you all at this point! We need a season of prayer for our steps to be aligned with the Lord’s:

  • God’s provision for household goods and
  • a vehicle and
  • most of all that—we will move forward in His Will for our lives.

This last thing is the most important because if we are not in the center of His will, we will not be successful or happy.

April 24th, 2017…Update:

Exciting News

We are leaving on Monday, May 1. It has been a hard road to this point but He is faithful, now we must be!


Jim & Nancy    

Foundation for Missions– Nicaragua

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