Firm Amidst the Uncertainty

There is a lot going on here in Ecuador! A lot of ministry opportunities, and also a lot politically. We have been doing a lot of ministry, at Casa de Fe and also in several different churches in the area. God is good and he keeps us moving forwards working for him! Here in Ecuador we have recently had our elections, and there has been a lot of political drama and unrest lately. A lot of people complaining and wanting a change in the current and re-elected socialistic government. Although we may not know what the future holds for us as a country, we do know who holds the future, this country and each and every one of these souls in his heart!

Our goal continues to be reaching and teaching the young people and the church to spread the good news of the gospel, so that regardless of the government and the decisions going on around us, there can be freedom in the heart of every Ecuadorian. Freedom from fear, freedom from chains and spiritual bondage, freedom from vicious cycles that are destroying entire families, freedom from the abuse and the shame of being different, of not having the same opportunities that many other children have, and of coming from a broken home. These are the cases that we deal with daily; families, young people, even children doing whatever they can to keep their heads above water, to survive, to wake up and face another day, looking for the slightest glimmer of hope that they can somehow overcome their despair, somehow find something or someone that will care enough about them to show them the way out of their daily hell.

We have that answer, we have that hope; we are the bearers and the equippers of those that will lead these dear people to the one that can break chains, destroy vicious cycles and restore hope so that tomorrow can be a good day, tomorrow can be filled with purpose; and that today there is something to live and aim for. This is the message that every abandoned and abused child needs to hear; the hope for every young boy hanging on the streets in despair every day, for the young ladies that sell their bodies on these same streets every night, the solution for the families that are falling apart a little more every day at the tricks of the enemy. This is the message that the Ecuadorian churches need to be teaching. This is the message that God has put us here to share!

Thank you for being a part of this great work!

God is moving, and you can partner with what He is doing in this part of Ecuador!!

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