Thad and Sara Tucker

Preparing to Go to Southern Africa!

Thad & Sara Tucker-Southern Africa

At this stage we are preparing for ministry in Southern Africa. We have committed to spending three years away from our extended family and home here in Alaska. We feel sure of our calling, we long to be useful in building up believers, teaching and helping in practical ways with people we have never met in foreign lands.

Thad and I along with Elianna now have to remove all the unnecessary items from our lives. Things that we can sell will be used as resources for items we may want or need in Africa. Things that we can’t part with must be stored for safe keeping. Lastly the items that we can fit in six fifty pound bags will be what goes with us! The hardest part is deciding what should we save for the future? Will this item be something we will need when we return?

Elie is a trouper and has decided every time she has a play date she is giving away two toys! I didn’t even suggest it and she isn’t even attempting to count up the profits she might have had in selling them! She is just being a blessing.

How is it we learn so much from our kids! So while our items are a bit bigger and more expensive (like the logging equipment and vehicles) I am going to try and have her mind set. As I sort and plan I am going to add “could I bless someonewith it” to my list.

Pray for us as we hope to have an auction and sell everything at once including the household and equipment. We need to make enough to pay off our outstanding debt. The equipment should be enough. We had hoped to save some items back in case we stay longer into the fall and need to have an income here in Alaska. We may want some for start up when we return. So we need wisdom from God! He knows our future and we will trust Him with it.

Our plan, is to go this fall and spend a year in training with our new friends in South Africa. Theuns and Karin Engelbrecht who run Foundation for Missions-Southern Africa have agreed to spend time traveling with us and helping us learn the culture as we listen for God’s voice. We are confident that He will show us the place we can then spend the next two years ministering in!

We are so excited about the “roots for life” style of sharing God’s love. It incorporates the natural talents we enjoy with sharing the Love of God! We will be doing things like teaching, farming, hygiene, and healthy lifestyles as we show Jesus in our actions and words. Read more here

We most importantly need people to send us. If we are to be able to “go”, we have to raise support from our sending team. It is new for us to ask for financial assistance but we truly can’t leave without being sent!! Our budget is very diverse because we aren’t sure what God has planned for us? We have to prepare for the most challenging, remote, expensive position. We want to be prepared to do all we can anywhere He leads!

Would you consider partnering with us:

  • in prayer
  • financially

Many of you know us and have been a part of our lives, so we know you will respond. The sooner we receive those donations the sooner we will be able to start.

Thank you all so much for you love and prayers.

We are blessed to have such Godly people behind us!

Thad, Sara and Elie

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