Getting To Know Our New Country!

June 16, 2017

Getting to know our new country……

Things I probably once knew about living in a third world country but forgot…

You don’t plan your meals then go shopping for what you need. You go shopping, see what’s available, and then figure out what you can make with it.

If you have an appointment with someone at 9:00am on Monday, you should not be surprised if that person shows up Thursday afternoon with no explanation and no apology.

Patience and perseverance are needed to find what you need. It took looking in 4 different stores to find a spatula. Wal-Mart didn’t sell them, nor did PriceSmart, or the grocery store. I finally found one at a hardware store. The only place you can buy baking soda is at the pharmacy.

I bought a TV at Wal-Mart. After I paid for it, I was instructed to go to a window marked something about packages. There the young man proceeded to take the TV from the box. He showed me each item in the box, explained what it was for, and then plugged it in to show me that it worked. I was then issued a guarantee. Then he carefully repacked the whole thing.

Our Internet was out. After driving 30 minutes to report it, I was told someone would be out in two days. Sure enough they came out, but only after calling me 5-6 times to see if I would be there. Then when they came, they had to keep calling the main office to get permission to fix it. I meanwhile received 4 calls from the main office asking me if the technicians were there.

This is what it looks like hooked up.

Always shake out your shoes and folded clothes before putting them on. Scorpions love shoes or stacks of clothes to hide in. They also love hiding in your mop. I forgot that I would share my home with flies, ants, centipedes, stinkbugs, scorpions, and lizards as well as a whole host of bugs I’ve never seen before. How did I forget that?

Even if you live in a gated community, you should not be surprised if you have to yield to a herd of cows, especially if you are on the road during the time “when the cows come home.”

What I didn’t forget- our God is faithful and he can give you peace and joy no matter what the circumstance. His grace is more than sufficient. He has a great sense of humor and thankfully he gave me one too. So as we try to get settled in this new country, I pray that we will see the humor in all these things and see the people here as God sees them.

Jim and Nancy Hartsock

Missionaries in Nicaragua

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