Answering the Hard Questions-Russia

This last month, students studied a basic course of apologetics in the Educational Center “Light at the East” (Khabarovsk, Russia). Teacher, and apologist and Ambassador for Foundation for Missions, from the USA,  Robert Hill was recently at the new Bible school in Russia. He was demonstration how to protect and uphold one’s faith.

Answering the Hard Questions

Robert Teaching

Kirill Privesenov, student of ‘The Far East Educational Center’, shares his experience with the course…

“If I am asked about the usefulness of the ‘Apologetics’ learning course, I should say that I have found Apologetics is an interesting discipline. It relates to issues that seem to be obvious, but need a more intent look. Along with that, Apologetics penetrates the essence of the problem and gives detailed analysis and understanding of what is happening, it gives desire to find out the truth and tell this truth to others”.

All the students liked the course, and especially the teaching method. Robert Hill selected 10 questions that should discourage a Christian and showed how to answer them properly, following the Bible tradition and Christian faith.

Robert enjoying student time…

Student Kirill Privesenov accents that the study of apologetics can help better seeing today’s world problems aimed at breaking Christian faith. The course gave a good base of knowledge to help protect God’s position in the Bible that is so necessary in modern culture.

Thanks to Robert Hill for making this time with the students possible!

And thank you for your prayers and support!

Edward Anneyav

Foundation for Missions-Russia

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