House Number 45

Well folks, we have finished house number 45, and now we look ahead to build five more houses with our Shack Attack, and then we will have reached the number 50 that the Lord put in my heart.  THIS COULD ONLY HAPPEN WITH YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT—thanks!

Mishel is one of the sweetest kids I have ever known.  Mishel lives by the Tracks with her dad and mom and little brother and little sister that has downs syndrome.  Mishel, as you can see, was blessed by our Sight Fight with glasses, and by faith she and her family will be blessed with a better house as we plan to make theirs the next house in our Shack Attack.

Damaris and I were recently involved with medical clinics at the village of San Miguel by the coast, the village of Jaibalito in the mountains, and two clinics at the Tracks.  What a blessing it was to help the sick with medicines and to be able to encourage them in the Lord.

Damaris and I are excited about the work the Lord has given us, and we thank the Lord for you and your love and support for this ministry.  We believe the Lord will have us working in Guatemala for many more years!

Together we can do great things!

David and Damaris

FOUNDATION FOR MISSIONS, P.O. Box 560233, Orlando, FL 32856-0233


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