Hope for the future

September 22, 2017  

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Meet two women who are using their talents to invest in other’s lives. Both of these women could find better paying jobs –jobs with less pressure and more perks.

For example, Eveling Sanchez, director of Buenos Aires school smiled as we interviewed her. She knows each one of her 230 students by name and her heart is burdened with their circumstances. We went yesterday to get more photos of needy students. As each went to get his picture taken, she filled in his history. “This child comes from a one parent home with four siblings and must watch the others while his mother works; this child just lost her father; this child sells candy on the streets after school to help out at home;” and the list of incredibly hard lives goes on and on. Add the pressure of never knowing where the money to feed 70 children breakfast, educate 230 children and pay the staff’s small salaries is coming from. Every month, God performs a miracle.

Dorothy Ibarra works in a large school building badly in need of updates and maintenance with a small-dedicated staff and a small student body. Tuition costs keep many students away. Dorothy also knows each student and their circumstances. She sees that the students get a quality education. She praises God for every blessing that comes her way.

Both of these women are giving their lives to give Nicaragua’s children a chance to step out of poverty.

Please pray and ask God if you should become involved in these tiny miracles.


Visit our Facebook page, Nicaragua’s Hope – Nicaragua’s Children to learn more about the lives you can touch.

In His Service In Nicaragua,

Jim and Nancy  

Missionaries with Foundation for Missions

Earmark for: Jim and Nancy Hartsock or Child Sponsorship-Nicaragua’s Hope

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