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Mark & Cinthia Blosser

A beautiful country with beautiful people, a fine tourist attraction, and one of the top ten nations in the world for expats to retire to. However, wrapped in the beautiful scenery, the flora and fauna, the wonderful folklore and tradition, lies a society heavy with heartache, strife, and sin.
Ecuador is in the top charts in Latin America and worldwide, but not just for its beauty. One of the biggest social problems that Ecuador faces is adolescent and teenage pregnancies. Ecuador is second in all of Latin America with 21% of young girls becoming pregnant before they reach 18 years of age. We personally know many cases, as in the jungle area that percentage is a lot higher. Studies show that as many as 53% of girls that have not finished grade school by 18 (quite common here in the jungle) become pregnant. And the issue is not just with the young ladies in their teens, 1 out of every 20 adolescent girls between 12 and 14 years of age are impregnated nationally, with a higher concentration here in the jungle areas. Many of these pregnancies also come from sexual abuse, and all of them bring life long lasting consequences.
Teenage pregnancies are not the only social ill that Ecuador faces, we also are high on the charts in drug abuse, interfamilial violence, broken homes, sexual abuse, teenage prostitution, and children living and working on the streets. The family institution is broken, the government programs, when they reach us here in the jungle, are out of context or just plain do not work, and many of the organizations and institutions, because of a lack of understanding the culture, or the context, rub salt into the open wound.
We see the pain in each of the children eyes that we pass on the streets, hear their cry in the middle of the night, know their desperation and sense of loss. We also have the solution. There is One who sees, hears and understands more clearly and fully than we ever can. And each one of these children are precious in his eyes, and he has created them with a divine purpose.
This is why children ministry is so important. The need for the Ecuadorian childhood and youth to see and feel the love of God is greater than ever, and the time is now. If we ever want to change the society, if we ever want to evangelize all of Ecuador, the key lies in the children and youth of today, because they are our future. The goal is to reach the children at a young age, were the word of God can be grounded in their lives and help them to be an example in their communities, their homes and their churches, and grow up to be the future christian community that will reach Ecuador with the gospel.

Our ministry mission continues to be the same:Our work is to be teaching and assisting the local churches and leadership so that they can do the teaching and evangelism, as well as teaching the churches on how to get involved in their communities…the big need here, and the answer to all the problems, as far as the pregnancies, the orphans, the poverty, the prostitutes, discipleship, evangelism, and everything else, is that if the Christian church would get involved in being the hands and feet of Christ here, would be trained in how to go about that, we could really make some headway. That’s the goal that we are working towards, training the Ecuadorian church that they are the ideal to do these things, and not depend on missionaries or organizations or the government to do it. Through children and youth ministry, they can not only reach the entire family, but also change their entire community, their city, their whole country, and its future.

Out of this the ‘Josiah’s Kids Clubs’ were born.

The story of the child King Josiah can be found in II Kings 22 and 23. Josiah was only a boy when he was crowned king, but the bible says that he was raised to follow God just like David did, and so did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. When a teenager, he sent his people to go and repair the place of worship, the temple; and while doing that they found a forgotten copy of the laws of God, the bible. Josiah, when he read the bible, was horrified at what his people had done in disobedience to Gods law, and started reforming his country and sharing the book of the law so that his people would follow God’s law.

This is our desire for the young people and youth here in Ecuador. That they can be reached with the Word of God, and do what is pleasing to him. That their life decisions can be made based upon Gods laws, which will give them a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. And that through them, we can reach their friends, their families, their communities with the gospel. We are accomplishing this by starting the first club in our house, and by assisting churches to start their own children ministry; a kids club, a Sunday school, a youth group.

On Fridays we have the club in our home, and we have been gathering since the first week of September. The numbers are growing in both the club for children, and the youth group here. We will also be using this club in our home as a prototype and training ground for future ones to grow from. We have a number of churches that have asked us to help them start a club and/or assist in workshops for their Sunday school teachers, which we are going at full force. One in particular that stands out is a church located in a Shuar community 3 hours from here by bus. There are 90 children in this Sunday School, of all ages, and only ONE teacher. We will be Lord willing training 4 more brothers and sisters on how to minister the word of God to these precious children.

How the clubs are set up varies by community, church, or city; but we always have it split up into different age groups, so that the teaching can be on a level that everyone can understand. In some places the kids clubs are on a Saturday afternoon, in other communities a couple of days during the week right after school, were the children are provided with a meal, and also assistance with their homework. All of this work is to be done by the local churches, backed by our ministry, that way the work will continue, and they will reach their own children and families with the gospel.


Please keep this ministry in your prayers. God is doing great things, and this future generation is going to shake this country!

Sunday School partnership opportunities

We are looking for partners with specific needs for our Sunday School ministry at home and in the churches that we teach/partner with:

  • Our living room is too small! We are already out chairs and floor space, and they keep coming! We are needing chairs, and also are looking to pour a small patio in the yard in front of the house and put a tent there. The total cost for this project, the cement and the tents, is $300.
  • We are also putting together Sunday School packs, for the different Josiahs kids clubs, and for the Sunday schools and workshops that we do. A pack contains paper, drawing and coloring supplies, as well as a lesson book, activity book and visual aides. This supplies one Sunday School room (2-4 per church) with the necessary materials for 6 months of teaching.
  • Crayons and craft materials are generally cheaper and easier to get in the states, but in order to receive them you have to come visit us personally…which we would very much like!!

Mark and Cinthia Blosser


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