The first graduation of the missionary study course in Khabarovsk 

Regional Union of Russian Evangelistic Churches.

The first graduation of the missionary study course “Light at the East” in Evangelistic church “Word of Grace” in Khabarovsk regional union of Russian Evangelistic Churches passed on October 8.

Over six months students have been studying basics of protestant evangelistic theology and learning practical skills of missionary work.

All the teachers were pastors and bishops of churches in Far East region with deep academic knowledge and experience in missionary work.

Head of the course and pastor of the church ‘Word of Grace’, Alexey Kolodeyeff, emphasized that the time of study was not easy.

“Students were not only getting theoretical knowledge but were also learning to minister. I am glad to see the changes in their hearts. I believe that every graduate will dedicate his and her further life to the realization of God’s great commandment – go and bring light of His Word everywhere around the world.”

Eighteen of the twenty five students managed to pass the course. They came not only from the Khabarovsk region but also from Sachalin and Primorye.

One of the students, Irina Glebova shared her testimony:

“It came as a big blessing to me and the other students to pass this missionary course. What we all got here is not only good knowledge but also spiritual growth. The fellowship and atmosphere was great for growing spiritually and for the training of future ministers of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The missionary study course was arranged for practical teaching of preachers and missionaries and as well as for professional re-training of church ministers with a purpose of spiritual development of Evangelistic churches and popularization of missionary work in Far East.

Edward Ananyev
Foundation for Missions-Russia


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