Who’s in Charge?

October 14, 2017  

Who’s in charge here?

It is human nature to want to be in control. We even go through much of our lives believing we are firmly in control. Nothing teaches us how mistaken we are better than moving out of our comfort zone to a place where we don’t always understand what’s going on and finding that logic as we know it just doesn’t apply. For example, the Spanish we learned in other countries doesn’t always work here. For instance they call a stove (estufa) a cocina here (the word for kitchen). And a tarp (lona) is called a carpa (tent).

Even though they use computers, everything is also written out. You have to sign a receipt to pay a bill and a transaction is not complete if several papers haven’t been stamped several times.

We spend most of our time wondering what is going to happen. But time and time again we see God’s hand in how things work out. Just this week I finally worked up the courage to go to my next-door neighbor to ask a favor. I need someone to collect my bills off the fence where they are left while I am in the states. We spent sometime talking and getting to know each other. That was in the morning. That afternoon immigration paid us a surprise visit. We have applied for retiree status which would prevent us from having to leave the country every 6 months and from having to request and pay for more time each month. After spending an hour asking us questions, they interviewed our neighbors to make sure we really live here. My “new friend” was able to give us a glowing reference.

We often go into Managua on errands. Two weeks ago on a whim, we went further south to Masaya to shop instead. That was the day that Managua suffered from severe flooding, covering entire cars in the street. While we did drive through a lot of water we were safe from the dangerous flooding.

It’s obvious who is directing our steps.

Thank you, Lord. I feel safe in your hands.

 In His Service in Nicaragua,              

Jim & Nancy Hartsock

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