One day left!!!

We have great news from the youth at The Tracks here in Guatemala city.

ONE DAY left for our #YouthCamp – Heroes and we are ready for it!

Thanks be to God…we already have 50 young people enrolled, (How cool is that!)  and our team of 10 confidants/group guides, (Please pray for each of them) 3 preachers and a band for a concert are ready to impact and inspire the life of these guys. (Yay!!!) 

We believe that God will touch our and their  lives and that we will have a time of fun,  friendship and above all strengthen our relationship with God.

We ask for your prayers; so that this camp can be the starting point for many of our young people to:

Achieve earthly success and consecrate it to the heavenly purpose, living a radical life dedicated to God.

Thank you very much for your prayers, support and for being part of this vision.

We will keep you posted by our social network.

Be blessed,

Gabo & Silvia León


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