We are so Grateful

December 2017


On the behalf of the families you reach out to through the schools you have helped us establish around the globe, know that we are all VERY GRATEFUL.

Words cannot describe the joy of these poor families to be able to give their children hope and a bright future. Mark and Cinthia Blosser, missionaries in Ecuador are giving these kids hope through Sunday school and educational programs.

YOUR partnership means so much to the missionaries, churches, students, and children around the globe. And…you would be surprised with the excellence in curriculum, classrooms, and classroom environment. They are so blessed.

It’s your partnership that enables us to send the gospel around the globe and to feed hungry children and to sponsor programs like this one in Ecuador.

Whether your partnership is in the work of a missionary, a mission team, a child sponsorship, or even to this school. Please know that we are all very….

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Steve Beam, President Foundation For Missions

 Sing to the Lord with grateful praise…   Psalm 147:7  

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