and God is still good…

We are convinced that God has a plan and purpose in everything that happens in our lives. We close the 2017 very happy to see how God blessed our lives and the lives of all the young people with the camp and the activities we had!! God spoke to our lives and challenged us to live in Holiness and by Faith, and I want to thank you for the prayers and financial support we received, it was a great blessing.

​In the last days of 2017 we received the news that Silvia was pregnant, there was a baby on the way and that made our lives very happy and motivated us to continue working, because our family was getting bigger, but God took a turn that we could not have planned and we suffered a miscarriage We have had some difficulties and sad days but in the middle of everything we are seeing how God is strengthening us.

I truly believe that God is Sovereign and His plans are greater than ours.
God has strengthened that call to serve and bless the lives of others.

I have good news to share also; we will make the youth camp again in November and we will have many other activities like concerts and conferences starting from February; and one of our plans is to travel to the United States to promote our ministry and that is why we request for your prayers in order to get the Visa and  the economic funds for the trip.

Thank you so much for always blessing our lives and ministry.

Be blessed!

Gabo & Silvia León

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