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Merriam-Webster has the definition of the living room as “a room in a residence used for the common social activities of the occupants”. That definition certainly applies to our living room! I want to take a moment and share with you what I wrote the beginning of the year, while standing in our living room, reflecting on the past, and looking into the future:



Last night, after putting the children to bed, I walked into the living room, contemplating the changes that we had made during the day: putting away the Christmas tree, painting over the well crayoned walls, and rearranging the furniture to where it was best suited for our family, our gatherings with pastors from the different communities, and for the kids club and youth group.
I was struck by God’s goodness and grace, by the many blessings that he has given us; and was reminded of the old gospel song: “It took a miracle, to put the stars in space, it took a miracle, to hang the world in place; But when He saved my soul, cleansed and made me whole, it took a miracle of love and grace!”

And then I thought of the many different children, youth, and pastors whom have come through this same living room in the last year. I thought of the many whom we have touched, of the individuals who have felt and been changed by the love of God, and of those who unfortunately have wandered or not yet been reached with that Love and Grace of our Lord.

(You can read the whole post, including a look into the lives of a few of whom have been touched by God’s love and grace while in our living room, here.)

Many children, youth, friends and pastors have come through our living room, our lives and our ministry in the past nine years we have been here in Ecuador. There are countless more that still need to know in a personal way God’s miracle of Love and Grace. Each time we travel to the cities to minister to the youth on the streets, or the communities and minister to the pastors and churches, we see more and more lives that are lost.Youth selling their bodies on the streets, children with no hope for the future, pastors and churches trying to reach their communities; these are the people that we assist to make a difference in their lives, and train them so they can reach the lives around them in need of God. We praise the Lord for what issuing accomplished through the teaching at the bible seminary for national pastors, through the teaching and discipleship we do at a local level, and thought the many kids clubs and Sunday schools that we have been able to assist and train the local churches in starting over the last few months. And still, there are a number of churches and communities that are asking us for help either in the Sunday school, to start a kids club, pastoral/church support and for teaching/preaching. Although a lot of ministry is done in our living room, we are also traveling quiet a bit, to different cities, villages, and even jungle communities; answering the call from those that desire to learn more of how to reach their fellow countrymen with God’s love and grace!

This new year, please continue to partner with us and our ministry, as we continue to break cycles and change lives, all the while equipping the Ecuadorian church to continue on in this great task.

It is very easy for you to be a part of reaching Ecuadors’ children with Gods’ love! You can partner with us through your prayers and financially. Without your support and prayers, the children that are touched every day with our ministry may never grow up to change the spiritual, social and morale future of Ecuador.

You can write to us, or subscribe to our mailing list and receive short, specific emails on what we are doing, our prayer requests and ministry needs well as a lot of pictures! If you partner with us in any way, or desire to learn more about our ministry, please visit here. You can read about our current and past ministry updates and pictures on our website and blog. We also have a Facebook page and group for the same purpose, you can join here.

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