Happy Easter

Happy Easter:

Saturday’s Children:  “Sunday is coming”

We all live in-between Friday and Sunday, in the scope of the death and resurrection of Christ, we all wait in expectation of the resurrection, in our lives and at the end of our lives.  Our living hope is that Sunday is coming!  For whatever we are facing, even death: ”Sunday is coming!”

People ask me how I can tell Missionaries that “God will Provide.”  It’s because God has provided for me!  How do we know that peace will come after the storm, because we have experienced it ourselves.  How are we confident that God’s answer will come?  It’s because God has been faithful to us and so we are expectant that it will come again.  Yes, each week we experience the fact that Sunday is coming…because it has come every week for 61 years!  Yes, and it will come again tomorrow.  And tomorrow we will celebrate the resurrection of Christ but also the resurrection of ourselves in this life and the next.  If we haven’t experienced it yet, then wait, because Sunday is coming!”

 If you are struggling: Remember: “Sunday is coming.”

If you are worried:  Remember: “Sunday is coming.”

If you are needing a miracle:  Remember: “Sunday is coming.”

If you are facing death:  Remember: “Sunday is coming.”

Your friend in Missions,

Steven and Sharonne Beam

PS: Thanks for being generous to our missionaries and mission.

Note: Foundation Office will be closed for Easter on Friday, March 30th, and Monday April 2nd.

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