Tuckers in Africa-Culture Change

Thad and Sara Tucker recently began a new missionary life in Southern Africa.

I’m sure you can relate to the challenges being in a new culture brings

May 2018

Our moving day to Genadendal

Cultural differences from A-Z… When you move to a new country it is amazing the things that are different you don’t expect to be! Obviously the language is an issue! .Asseblief is “please” in Afrikaans. As we try to learn a bit of the language I have given my new friends some good laughs! I also have realised that South African’s use “zed’ when whey say the letter z! Even in English we have learned that traffic lights are called “robots” and when our friends girls say “I will do it now” it really means in awhile!
Some of the other changes are geographical….

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May 2018 Update



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