Seeing Fruit

We have home-groups each week as a way for new believers to get plugged in and for those who are unwilling to come to church may come hear the gospel message. This has been a beautiful way to walk along side brothers and sisters in Christ living life with them and sharing our lives with those who are being drawn towards the things of God through the Holy Spirit working in them.

One of the gentlemen who has been faithfully coming to our home group for a couple years now has recently began change his life. He thought he was a Christian and professed faith in Christ for many years. However, in his walk, he fell into the sin of adultery and abandoned his wife and children for a season. Obviously, his family was devastated and he displayed an indifference to his sin. We encouraged his family and sibling to pursue him, while the elders of Iglesia Cristiana de la Gracia pointed him to the cross of Christ. In this, he repented and stated that his Christianity was not based on his relationship with God in Christ. He simply grew up in a Christian home but had never been transformed by the gospel. This was a crucial point of awakening for him. He realized that his Christianity was based on works, customs, and traditions but never on his relationship with Christ as his Lord, Savior, and King. We as pastors were encouraged because we understood that the most difficult people to evangelize are those who think that they are okay with God.  It was through this experience, he came to realize he is not saved. We then began to give him books on what is the gospel and he has been consuming these books and now has a newfound passion for the things of God, which we understand can only come from God. Although the story began with deception, adultery, and heartbreak, God has used the wickedness of man for His glory and Honor. 

We would like to thank you for all that you do and have done for our family. We pray for our supporters regularly. Please continue to pray that God’s name would receive the glory and honor.

Please prayerfully consider financially partnering with our family as we continue the work here in Peru. Your monthly support enables us to live and work among the Quechuan people sharing the gospel.

Will you partner with us?

Joe and Jayne Martinez

Serving in Cusco, Peru

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