This was a few days ago, at the Tracks, with Marcos, one of our builders, inside the house we are making, and we are putting in the footers to make the dividing walls for Mariela and her family.


Brother Rolando, the chief builder of our SHACK ATTACK, is with me in front of the next house we would like to build, as the Lord provides.


This will be house number 50, for Jony, another one of our builders, and his wife and child who are pictured with me.

As our Shack Attack and school ministry at the Tracks continue; helping children with Christian education, providing eye glasses and dental care and sewing classes for the women, medicines for the sick, food for the hungry, clothing for those in need—as we continue, Damaris and I want to thank you for your prayers and support.  

Together, with you, we are doing some awesome things!

David and Damaris

Serving in Guatemala

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