Everything is just DUCKY; May 2019

Proverbs 3:5-6
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.


Who needs ducks?

Apparently we did, for a time. We recently traveled to a village at the base of the same volcano that exploded last June causing a lot of destruction, loss of life, and brokenness in the community. We knew we went for a good reason. A team we were traveling with helped reconstruct a house for a family. In the village, this specific house had its own little community. There were chickens and ducks running everywhere. Lawrence found a chair in the shade and took a mental break since the roads were a little crazy that day. He sat next to a gentleman that spoke some English. They had a twenty-minute conversation in “Spanglish”, a combination of English and Spanish. Lawrence felt that he was supposed to help this man somehow.
We do not hand out cash because we have found that to be a dangerous practice and people come to expect it. We do, however, purchase items from people and intentionally pay way too much. At that particular moment, a duckling ran past Lawrence. He asked the gentleman, “How much for two?” The gentleman smiled, and took Lawrence Lawrence decided it would be best to buy two ducklings as we were going to take the team to tour Antigua, was also in the middle of moving houses, transitioning out of our jobs, and ultimately had no idea how our dogs would react. That was that Lawrence fed the gentleman’s family for a week or more with the purchase of 2 ducklings. Ducks are not clean animals unless they have lots of room, and we did not have lots of room.

The little ducklings brought joy to the merchants in the market in Antigua as we were shopping and at our home. It was fun to watch them grow, but we quickly realized they would not be a full-time pet. They were mischievous and messy, messy, messy in our postage stamp yard. The dogs didn’t bother them and Jenna enjoyed doing everything BUT cleaning up after them. We didn’t want to see them eaten since they were growing into beautiful ducks. We prayed about who to give these 2 ducks to when they out-grew our yard. The perfect solution came with a call from our missionary friend who was very knowledgeable about fowl. He called and asked if he could take our ducks to a village to the northeast of the city for a group of widows. We didn’t ask many questions because we didn’t want to have to tell Jenna the ducks were going to be duck stew!

The missionary took our ducks on a “chicken” bus (LOL!) to the village on a Sunday morning. When he returned he told us that the widows love them, and they will be a great pair of ducks to start their duck egg program to help feed their families and the community. We were very happy that these 2 ducklings inspired a gentleman, affected by the explosion of a volcano, and may now be the start to a breeding/egg program for widows just under 100 miles away. Only God could have orchestrated that kind of help. We were happy to be part of it and receive the joy of watching animals grow.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of a plan when we do not know what the end looks like. Thank you for keeping the faith with us.

Lawrence, Jo, and Jenna Adams

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