March 2019 What does “Filling in the Blanks” really mean?

“Isaiah 43:2(NIV)
When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze
Filling In The Blanks” is the name our ministry adopted when we first began in Guatemala. For us, the significance is the form in which we partner with amazing programs and ministries in Guatemala by helping them with construction, mechanic, administrative, and organizational projects, or just in case they need extra hands.

Filling In The Blanks is the time you spend with God to ensure you are on His path. It is the time spent in prayer, and in letting go of anxieties, and worries. It is the time spent in the Word learning how to listen. It is the time spent being still, and trusting in the Lord.
Right now, we are in a few different stages of transition. Our time filling in the blanks in a full-time capacity has come to an end at Prince of Peace. This is a mixed blessing as we mourn the loss of a continual opportunity for a relationship with the girls and staff, while we are also learning to be more intentional. Jo will be an assistant to the Home and help tutor English. This will help to maintain relationships with the
girls. Lawrence and Jo also work to schedule visits to the Home for the whole family, so that he and Jenna can continue to foster the relationships. We did a lot of physical work at the Prince of Peace, but the most valuable piece has always been and always will be the relationships.

Though this change has been difficult, it now allows us to reconnect as a family because we are no longer living on campus. We are working harder to be better parents as we only have a limited amount of time to instill the necessary values and morals we want Jenna to learn.

This change also allows Lawrence to focus more on his mechanic’s ministry. His ministry is now branching out beyond not only cars but to anything with a motor. In the past week alone he has worked on a dryer, washer, refrigerator, electrical issues on a bus, a car… and the list goes on. We are learning our limits and understanding the faith we need so that this ministry can grow.

This change is requiring Jo to sit still and to listen. If you know Jo, she doesn’t do this well, but volunteering in an environment that was in a constant stage of change became exhausting and she is taking time to be sure of her communication with the calling God has placed on her life here in Guatemala so that when the next volunteer opportunity presents itself, she will be ready. Please pray for her as this is a very intentional, patience-requiring process that requires great effort.
Another adventure the Adams family is taking on together will be welcoming our first personal team to Guatemala. We are in the planning/finalizing stages for this group that is coming from Saginaw State University’s Campus ministry called His House. We are expecting eleven college-age students to join us in exploring other ministries and the country of Guatemala. Please pray for their preparation and ours, and for the safe travels both coming and leaving (their dates here will be May 5th-15th of this year).

We know that God has a plan. He has plans for the ministries we have begun with great love, and those that we have been involved with, and He has plans for us in our ministry endeavors. We trust that all of the preparation, hardship, and trials are for a reason: To show His love to others by building relationships and to lead people to Him.

Considering the changes in our financial situation, God has been the most benevolent provider by putting us on your hearts. We are praying to see growth in this area, while at the same time praising God for what He is doing in the present. We are currently still in need of a car and health insurance in this country because without either, it is a very risky way to live here, in comparison to the US. If anybody has any questions as to the “why”, we would love to have a conversation with you. Our current budget currently does not provide the bandwidth for these additions. Please pray that God helps us fill in these financial blanks.

We want to take a moment and thank everyone who is already doing so much to help us. We know that being a missionary depends on each and every single Thank you, and please take a moment to like our Facebook Fan Page “Filling in the Blanks”

Thank you all!

Lawrence, Jo, and Jenna Adams

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