“Filling in the Blanks Ministry” – September 2019

We have been praying for a way for Lawrence’s back to relax so that he isn’t in pain all of the time or get migraines from the tension. There is a doctor who is volunteering at Jenna’s school who asked him to come in and try acupuncture. Before you roll your eyes, Lawrence has been in physical therapy, chiropractic offices, massage therapists, general practice doctors, and neurologists and none have eased the pain much. Lawrence has had 2 sessions (1 week apart) and Friday after his session he was so relaxed that he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. This is WONDERFUL results. No one has come close to this type of muscle relaxation for him. We believe this was all accomplished from the prayers that were sent up asking for relief to be provided for his back pain so that he could minister to his best. We thank you for your prayers and ask that you continue praying for the healing hands of this doctor and his family.

We ask for prayers for Lupe as she has final exams Oct 7-11. Some of these exams will be the deciding factor as to if she passes this year. We have faith that she will do her best. Pray it is enough. She will complete her Junior year of high school on October 15 and this will no longer be her view from her desk.

Christian Academy of Guatemala (CAG) is where Jenna goes to school. Did you know it was a ministry as well? It was founded in 1974 specifically to teach children of missionaries, so the parents of these children would not be distracted from their ministries by worrying about their children’s education. This continues to be the case, this school maintains 64% of the student population are kids of missionaries serving in Guatemala. 90% of the teachers are missionaries here to teach these kids in their first language (English) and to the level of the United States school systems. This school and the staff are an amazing blessing to the missionary community serving in Guatemala. Jo is thankful to be part of the staff team this year as the school prepares for their ACSI (American Christian School International) certification renewal in 2021. Jo is working with the estimated 75 volunteers at CAG to make sure that all of their documentation is for the certification renewal.

We continue to pray, for you, your families, our ministry, and that we all can listen and follow God’s will no matter where it leads or what it tells us all to do. We know the power of prayer and continue to experience it every day in this beautiful country.

Thank you so much for your love, support and prayers – we appreciate you.

Blessings to you in all you do,
Lawrence and Jo Adams

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Telephone: Our USA number rings here in Guatemala: (989) 486-4165
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