Angry or Grateful…It’s Our Choice

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. -1 Thessalonians 5:18 (ESV)


Woman giving thanksEvery day we are confronted with opportunities to choose to be angry or to be grateful.

We can choose to be angry about a lost job, or grateful that God allowed us to have that job for a while so that we could learn some new skills and meet some new people.

We can choose to be angry about the wrecked car, or we can choose to be grateful that God provided the car to us for a time and grateful for the insurance that will help pay for a replacement.

We can choose to be angry because someone said an unkind thing to us, or grateful for the opportunity to respond with kindness and for the chance to consider how unkind some of our own words might sound to another person.

We can choose to be angry because good friends no longer live in the same city we do, or we can be grateful for the hours God allowed us to spend with them in person and for the technology that will enable us to easily keep in touch over the miles.

We can choose to be angry over the death of a loved one, or grateful for the time God allowed us to have with that person and for the things we learned from that person.

We can choose to be angry with another person, a company, or God in any situation that we deem undesirable, or we can be grateful that we have a God who cares, who loves us, who walks with us, and who gives us opportunity upon opportunity to show and share His love in the midst of all circumstances.

Angry or grateful. Which will we choose? Which will you choose?

Heavenly Father, I choose to be grateful. Help me to be grateful, not angry, in all circumstances. I know that is Your will, and I want to do Your will. Please help me to see the opportunities You give me to do good in difficult circumstances. Thank You for never leaving me. Amen.


Star Ferdinand
Serving in the USA

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