More Days in the African Bush!

Tuckers-July 2020

We made two trips to Magopa in July. The first trip we took food and clothes as well as blankets. As usual we traded with locals for crafts and they were very grateful.  They had not received much in Covid relief and many were in great need. We hadn’t planned to do much for service or visiting with the leaders but were encouraged to attend a funeral. It was our first experience with San Bushman culture in that way. We felt very welcomed in-spite of me not bringing a skirt! A big cultural No-No!. In the second trip we were blessed to have ten people give their hearts to Jesus in the Sunday service! We took supplies to reroof the thatch part of the house as the squirrels had severely damaged it and it had visible holes. We also built a wall in the shop so Thad can safely secure his tools and utilise the space.  We continue to slowly get the house ready to move there. We were financially unable to purchase food or clothes this trip. We hope to be able to provide that maybe once a month, when we are living there, but the expense of the building supplies and because the donations were significantly less this month we were unable to. 

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Thad and Sara Tucker

Serving in Botswana

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