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Tuckers-June 2020

 June has flown by and we have had a few crazy moments and some nice bush trips.

 We open the month with an opportunity to fly home! It was only a few days notice to take an expatriate flight to the UK where we then had to arrange the rest of the flight to the US. Many things conflicted our desire to take it….We were unprepared to move out of our rental, not sure where to store things, and didn’t have a cat sitter. The price was not cheep but we could pay it. All said and done it would have worked out to about what a regular ticket would have been, but for only a one way. We contemplated and tried to make arrangements for the first few days but felt it was just too much.  Two of the other missionaries family’s from the States took it; as they had also planed to be on furlough home this summer. I will admit my heart did a little twist in my chest as we heard it fly over our house that night! Even though the consular has said no flights are scheduled to leave and, “if you want to go you must take the opportunity or prepare to stay here indefinitely” we had faith God will work it our when we need to return.

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Thanks for your prayers and support

Thad and Sara Tucker

Serving in Botswana

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