Bill and Noreen Barlow


Bill, Noreen and family

Bill, Noreen and family

Bill and Noreen Barlow have been missionaries to Nepal since January of 1999. Nepal is a small country in central Asia sandwiched between India and China.

Bill and Noreen went to Nepal with their two young daughters, Laxmi and Ana. While in Nepal they pioneered a church planting movement among that country’s poorest people groups, which includes a large number of handicapped & lepers.

Foundation for Missions is currently helping to provide food for a leper village. Nepal is currently experiencing a terrible time of nationalist and communal unrest and the safety of the saints is at stake.

The churches that Bill and Noreen work with are growing both in spiritual depth and numbers. With one large church as a central base, they help to oversee several dozen other fellowships all over Nepal. They have helped to raise up a group of Nepalese leaders who are 100 % committed to following their leadership through mutual love and submission.

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