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Dominican Republic



My first call to cross culture missions was to the Dene Natives of Canada’s Northwest Territtories in Hay River in 1987. It was a vocational ministry as I worked in the mission hospital and my salary went to support the ministry and I was given housing with an allowance.

From the NWT I went to Edmonton Alberta and entered into a degree program. While in college I began working with the native work on the Enoch Reserve with a native pastor.  He resigned and I took over as pastor and continued there until 1995 after college.

I was the founding director of F.L.I.G.H.T.(Finding Life In God’s Healing Touch). I returned to Ontario for family illness and returned to work in the local hospital. I attended Main Street Baptist and was active there.

Brother John Mergl (previous Director-Foundation For Missions_ Canada) spoke at a men’s breakfast that spring of 2012 and as he showed slides of the mission work and the orphans, I could not contain my tears. I spoke with brother John afterwards and told him I feel the Lord is renewing His call on my life for missions.

In the spring of 2012 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and came to Barahona, DR seeking an alternative treatment. It was during this period I went out to a Haitian village and met the local pastor. Pastor Richard was very active during our visitation helping the group in showing them how to administer our solution for healing. As I observed him the Lord impressed upon me to talk to him. In the brief few minutes I spoke with him I knew that this is where I will return as a missionary.
On December 29th, 2013 I returned to the Dominican Republic (healed from cancer) and joined the present missionary work.
Pastors Robert and Mary Johnston have been working with the Haitian population for over 23 years. It is a privileged to work with a couple who have dedicated their lives to the Haitian. They are an inspiration to me and we are praying and waiting on the Lord to reveal my place here.

I have a passion to see an orphanage built here in the near future and a fund has been started.  There are so many children who are in need of a place to call home. My fundraising motto will be “Buy A Brick”. I am presently offering my CD “Favorite Hymns” for a minimum of $10. offering/donation. I will soon have an avenue posted as to where one may purchase it.
I am presently attending the Creole Bible College here under Pastor Robert to help me learn the language. I so look forward to communicate with everyone. The adult Haitians from Haiti speak French and I can speak and understand French, being from eastern French Canada.

Mission Statement
English Evangelical Free Church of Barahona

Mission Statement:
Helping people to know Jesus, His Love, Forgiveness and Grace through Bible teaching.

Vision Statement:
Reaching out to this community with Jesus’ love through weekly feeding stations, teaching English as a second language and offering a free health clinic weekly.

Prayer Requests:

  • Is that my mind be able to grasp both Creole and Spanish.
  • For our health and safety. It is a very dangerous country for Americans.
  • That all the new believers be nurtured into the family.


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