Lawrence and Jo Adams

Serving in Guatemala

Since 2016, Lawrence and Jo Adams have been serving in Guatemala.  They have been finding a huge need in ministry support. They are volunteering so that ministries and missionaries can succeed. 

The vision is to create relationship bridges so that people can grow closer to or come to know the love of God.  

Lawrence is a great volunteer mechanic who is keeping people safe on the roads of Guatemala.  A blessing to the missionary and ministry communities as there is not always the knowledge or proper tools.  

Jo is working to keep the household running smoothly and communications clear about what they are doing in Guatemala.  She is also volunteering with other ministries to assist in organization or administration streamlining.

“EXCITING NEWS! (October 2020)

The Foundation for Missions has been a huge blessing to us and we are extremely grateful for them!  They are moving into a new phase in life and are retiring therefore will be closing.

It is with great joy to announce that effective immediately the Missionary Agency “World Outreach Ministries, Inc.” (WOM) will serve as our new home office for processing our financial support. As our ministry here in Guatemala grows, so does our reliance on our home office. World Outreach Ministries is equipped to support our unique mission. WOM sends tax-deductible receipts to our supporters and facilitate online donations from anywhere in the world at It is important that you direct all support  to their office and designate it for “Lawrence and Jo Adams #796”.

Every mission field has its challenges. Here in Guatemala, violence, poverty, corruption, and disregard for God and His law are things we face every day when trying to spread the love of Jesus Christ. Satan uses these things and more to try to stop the mission God has given us. Your prayer and financial support has enabled us not only to endure, but also to overcome. With your help, we look forward to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to many homes and villages.

Jo and Lawrence Adams

It takes all kinds of missionaries to spread the Word and Love of Christ…

Lawrence and Jo are part of that great commission.

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