Mel and Alegna Vivas

Serving in Uganda-Africa

Pictured with me are my wife, Alegna, and our three daughters, Amaris, Ariana, Melenny (left to right).

We have partnered with Foundation for Missions to serve the beautiful people of Uganda, Africa.

It was in November of 2015 that I felt a strong conviction through the word of God to leave; sell everything, step down from lead pastor (of the church my wife and founded over eight years ago) and set off to reach the unreached with the love of Christ. During that time we were planning a missions trip to Uganda, Africa. After visiting Uganda, Africa I knew that our family was getting ready to embark on a new assignment. When I returned to the states I told my wife, who by then felt the same conviction from the Lord, and we advised our church, placed a new lead pastor, informed our family, friends and relocated to Uganda, Africa Feb. 7, 2017.

During that year of prayer and preparation, Jubilee Life Mission was born in our hearts. The mission was to rescue abandoned street children, place them in a house they can call home and provide education in order to break the cycle of poverty. “Rescue, Restore, Reintegrate” are the three pillars our vision and mission rests upon.

We have partnered with a local church to help rescue the street children in the community. We have also partnered with a local Christian Boarding School, to provide a solid education for these children.

God is moving in very hard places and we are honored to be there as well.

Thank you for taking interest in our ministry.

God bless you!
Mel & Alegna Vivas


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